How to Lower Blood Pressure

bloodHow to lower blood pressure naturally is just as good as lowering your blood pressure using conventional treatments. It is perhaps safer, and more sustainable as well. But, it is important to ascertain why you are suffering high blood pressure. Some people have hereditary high blood pressure, and others develop it due to an associated health condition such as a kidney disease order. The most common reason that we suffer high blood pressure is due to a narrowing of the arteries, or temporary stress.


There are a lot of natural remedies that you can try, and it is important that you are monitored by health professional such as a doctor or a nurse. That does not mean that you need to use conventional medication as it may have side effects. It is also easy to become complacent when you are using conventional medication, and continue bad or poor lifestyle habits.

Making lifestyle changes


Making lifestyle changes is very important and there are two very easy lifestyle changes that you can make. They are not going to lower your blood pressure straight away, but eventually it will lead to lasting changes,


Eating Right


The first thing you need to do is to check your diet. Small changes such as eating less fat and red meat matter a lot, and you will find that they will help to give you more energy as well. Salt is another important fact, and so is sugar. Processed and ready made food are both rich in salt and sugar.


If you start by eliminating salt and sugar from a diet, it is a very good start, and if you also cut down on red meats and fat, you will see that your blood pressure will improve.


Exercise is important


Exercise is another important factor, but don’t believe for one minute that you need to spend hours down at the gym. Walking is just as important as running, and the good thing about walking is that you can train at your own pace.


Also, sneak in exercises are important. Sneaking in exercise is easy to do. It means taking the stairs instead of the elevator, and walking to speak to a colleague instead of sending an email. You can also start by going for a walk lunch time, and getting of the bus a stop earlier.

How to lower blood pressure does not have to have just one health benefit. Invest in pedometer and see if you can manage to walk 10,000 steps per day. This is just an easy way of finding out how much you exercise. More exercise leads to general better fitness.


Of course, lowering blood pressure is important, but you will find that you probably also lose weight at the same time. Weight loss is another important factor when it comes to lowering your blood pressure, but not all skinny people have low blood pressure, many of the actually have high blood pressure.


Above all, try to focus on what you would like to achieve , and learn how you can maintain your blood pressure once you have successfully been able to lower it