Healthy Living For All of Us

healthy livingWhat is healthy living all about? When we hit a certain age, we often become more concerned about our lifestyle choices. Most of us wonder if we should move out of the city or leave work early. A huge amount of people these days complain about tiredness. Why do we feel this way, and what is in our environment which affects us this way? Start looking a little bit closer at your daily life, and you will soon realize that there are many risk factors all around you.

Air Pollution -what is in the air

Air pollution can affect us very negatively. The fact is that the air that surrounds us can be very heavily polluted. We presume that bad air quality will only affect our lungs, but this isn’t true at all. Bad air quality can affect so much more than our lungs, and we should try to improve our living environment. If, you live in a big city, you may not think that you can’t affect your environment, but you certainly can.

Did you know if all city dwellers put a window box on their window ledge, or some pots with plants on their balconies, the pollution levels in our major cities would go down? It is known that planting up a city will help to improve air quality. Cities with lots of parks have much better air quality as the plants act like giant filters. They filter out a lot of the pollution and therefore improve the air that we breath. Herbs are particularly good at this function. So, next time you pass a store, buy a pot of rosemary.

Sneak in exercise

There is very little need to go to the gym. More people get stressed out about not going to the gym and end up with health problems as a result. “Sneaking in” exercise is one of the best ways to exercise, and it is for FREE as well. So, how do you sneak in exercise?

Sneak exercise is a very simple concept, and once you get into the routine, you will be surprised how easy it is. One top tip is to get off the tube train,or the bus, one stop before you need to. Walk the rest of the distance into work, an extra ten minutes each way will make a lot of difference. Think about it, you have just added 20 minutes of exercise to your day. If you have walked at a good pace, you would have burned 5 calories per minute, that is 100 calories per day, plus you would have lowered your cholesterol level.

Take the stairs instead of the lift. It doesn’t matter if this is coming out of the tube station, or just moving around the office. Walking up and down stairs will rapidly increase our cardio capacity, and you will burn about 8 calories per minute. Twenty minutes of stair walking per day will help you burn off 160 calories, and increase your lung function.

What are you eating?

Is our food polluted? The thing is that a lot of scientists are now beginning to refer to our increased dependency on food additives as food pollution. Many of the additives in our food are derived from the petro chemical industry and are called parabens. Our bodies immune system cannot identify them, so it begins to store them. They end up in places like the liver and even in the bowel. Unfortunately, parabens can lead to disease and we may even experience toxic build up. Perhaps, this is one of the reasons that we feel tired.

The worst culprits are processed foods, and foods in plastic containers. Food in plastic containers probably contain parabens already, but when we heat up the container, parabens from the container seep into the food. Learning how to cook natural food is one of the best investments that you can make.

Buy organic food if you can, but also focus on fresh food. Fresh food is just as important as organic food. All fresh food is much higher in natural vitamins and anti-oxidants, and will help to keep your energy levels up. Boosting your energy will allow you to get more out of life.

Healthy living is about common sense, not spending a fortune on gym memberships. Spending time outdoors will help to oxygenate your blood, and oxygen, is one of the most powerful anti-oxidants known to man kind. This humble little particle will help us to fight disease, give us energy and is our best friend when it comes to living healthy lives.